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Will you be in Northwest Arkansas during the summer? Join us for our weekly Bible study! Each summer we read through a book that studies a specific topic in the Bible and discuss it weekly together. For more information, fill out the form on our Contact Us page.



Summer Training Programs with The Navigators are designed to help you focus on learning to live out God's call to love your neighbor both in the workplace and in the community you live in.


Join 100+ students and collegiate Navigators staff from the Central Plains and Mid America regions for a great summer! The Navigators Summer Training Programs are proven to be "greenhouses" for spiritual and relational growth. At STP, we will dig deeply into the mysteries of who God is, who God says we are, how we can relate well with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, how we can serve others, God’s heart for the lost and His heart for all nations. Students will engage in the community relationally, by going to a local church weekly, and professionally, by working a full-time job for the summer. We will trust God to teach and develop us all as we learn to better love, and authentically share our faith, in the work world.

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From the first Navigator missionary’s journey to China in 1949 to now more than 1,200 cross-cultural missionaries in 102 countries, we live to bring the joy of Christ to every corner of the earth.

Navigators short-term mission trips can make a long-term impact, on others and on you, as you support established ministries around the world. Experience amazing people and places beyond your local community as you discover and share the gospel of Jesus inter-culturally. Join a mission trip team and build Kingdom relationships–with friends you invite to come along, in new settings with people from diverse cultures, and among fellow travelers on your journey.


The Navigators Central Plains Region's website has more information about overseas opportunities.

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